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The Largest Sand Dune System In North America

rzr and slip face sandboard

Southern California has no shortage of sand but when we think about Southern California sand we associate the vast Pacific ocean pulling at millions of sand specks along the palm ridden shoreline. Not only is Southern California home to some of the most famous beaches in the world (Blacks, Santa Monica, Venice) it is also home to the largest sand dune system in North America called the Algodones Dunes located in Imperial County. This area is 45 miles long and is comprised of protected desert and wildlife areas as well as areas for off road vehicle use and camping. For those familiar with desert season in the west, Glamis is a key piece of this dune system. Today, the southern section of these dunes which also include Gordon’s Well, Patton’s Valley and Buttercup (among others) are used during the cooler months for off road vehicles and recreational fun. Camping out in these desert areas during key weekends such as Thanksgiving and Halloween draw as many as 150,000 visitors.

The desert season in Southern California is a good time of year for my company. Sandboarding is a rapidly rising sand sport in the area and people get creative. Trudging along sand ridges and up steep dunes with your board is a great way to find your peek and witness rolling dunes for miles in every direction. People also sandboard behind offroad vehicles like Polaris RVR’s, Canam side by sides and sandrails much like one would wakeboard behind a boat.

My boards are specifically crafted to take the beating issued in the desert sand. The course surface with inconspicuous rocks and debris can really take it out of a board. I have redesigned my boards manufacturing over the years to help withstand rough terrains. I have also developed a wax made from bees wax for a slicker ride and better board protection. For those that are a little gun shy to storm a dune and charge back down it with your head down and your feet strapped in, I have also developed a sled that people love.

The desert season is upon us people. The dunes await. And my sandboard should be on your packing list.

Happy Sandboarding

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