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Slip Face Sandboards Were Born

I grew up in Fitchburg, Massachusetts where seasons are really seasons. Currently, I live in Lake Havasu and I have always lead a really active life. At one point I found myself in Starke Florida working at a mine with huge sand dunes flanking the location. I have snowboarded having grown up in colder climates and as I studied the dunes the thinking cap went on. My urge to ride the dunes and plow sand was overwhelming but if I used my snowboard I would have torn it to shreds. As we know necessity is the mother of invention so I went away and hand crafted myself a board fit to slay sand. My business, which would eventually be called Slip Face Sandboards was born that day.

Over the years that initial sandboard morphed into a full on manufacturing business and I produce all American, hand crafted sandboards with Dakine bindings. I have multiple products ranging from beginner to pro boards, sleds and board wax. My boards sell all over the world and have been ridden as far as the four corners. I get comments and messages from satisfied customers on their sandboarding treks through such places as Peru, Dubai and beyond and I am thrilled that what originally started as an idea standing at the entrance of a mine in Florida has become a product that contributes to active lifestyles and American commerce.

Check out the clip below of a board being made. We are also in the process of designing and producing a new pro sandboard which I am really excited about. For more details on our products, visit our online store. To get ideas on great locations for sandboarding around the world follow my blog. I will discuss product, location and other cool information for the sandboarding enthusiast in you.

Happy Desert Season!

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